What is TBLT?

legal english training in munich with carla monteiro-reuter

Key Transaction

“A specific English-language interaction that a particular lawyer or tax adviser identifies as being central to his or her practice.”

Transaction-based Language Training (TBLT) integrates all of the relevant Legal English concepts, Business Communication Skills and Intercultural Awareness strategies you need to learn into tasks that are similar to your Key Transactions as they would happen in reality.

So, for example, if you are a banking lawyer, you will be trained with reference to actual term sheets, facility agreements and security documents. You might practise, among other things, negotiating, drafting and amending the terms of a facility agreement, drafting a legal opinion and advising your client orally or in writing.

Whatever your specialisation, the aim is to give you the communicative, interpersonal/intercultural and subject-specific skills you need to deal effectively with your Key Transactions in practice.

TBLT step-by-step


Upon first contact with you, we set up an initial consultation (at no cost) in order to:

  1. Learn more about you and assess your current language level.
  2. Discuss your specific training requirements.
  3. Define your Key Transactions.
  4. Identify your preferred training environment or location (at your offices, in a training venue close to your offices or in our virtual classroom, early mornings and evenings included).
  5. Set the time and frequency of your training (for example, an intensive course or shorter weekly sessions).


We design an initial training programme for you based on your individual training requirements and Key Transactions. This proposed training programme is subject to your approval and further input, if necessary.


We train you in a way that integrates in full the Legal English concepts, Business Communications Skills and Intercultural Awareness strategies you need with the situations you find yourself in when dealing with your Key Transactions in practice.

All training resources are designed to tie in specifically with the work you do and are based on actual legal and/or tax materials (provided either by us or by you on a confidential basis).

You have the opportunity, at various stages during the training, to give us feedback and to re-evaluate with us the direction in which the training should go, depending on your progress and your changing practical requirements.

In this way, we can ensure that the training we give you is, at all times, relevant, practical and agile.


At the end of your training, we can conduct a final assessment of your language level and progress to-date and recommend any further training we think may be required.

The benefits of TBLT

  1. The material you cover will be precisely relevant to your daily work.
  2. You will be able to transfer the knowledge you gained about your Key Transactions directly into practice.
  3. You will be more confident in English-language interactions with your clients involving your Key Transactions because you will know:
    • exactly what your clients expect of you in this area; and
    • how to deal with a wide variety of practical scenarios and issues that could arise.
  4. You will be able to use your knowledge for English-language interactions that may come up in your personal or business environment outside of your Key Transactions.
  5. You will have a sense of confidence in your ability to deliver a full, professional service to your clients in English.