Individual and group training

Our individual and group courses for Legal English, Business Communication Skills and Intercultural Awareness are designed to offer you the highest level of flexibility in determining the nature and duration and the time and place of your specific training solution.

You may wish to fit your training into your work schedule by having shorter weekly classes or, alternatively, taking a day or more out of work to attend an intensive course. We would be happy to advise you on which option would suit your requirements best.

legal english courses in munich with carla monteiro-reuter

Individual and group training

can take place at your offices, in a training venue close to your offices or in our virtual classroom.

Individual Training

Individual training offers you the benefit of interacting with your trainer on a one-on-one basis and places you firmly in the driver’s seat as regards not only the form and content of your initial training programme, but also the direction it should take as your circumstances change.  Individual training is intensive, immersive and extremely effective at getting you where you need to be in terms of your capacity to do your work professionally in English.

Group Training

In our experience, group training tends to be very effective in relatively small groups (usually up to a maximum of 8 participants) with a shared set of specific training needs.  We will work closely with you to determine what those needs are and how best to address them.  We will design a comprehensive training programme that is tailored to the group’s profile and requirements, so that each individual in the group can derive the maximum potential benefit from our training solution.