Our Work

Examples: Past and current

Legal Writing seminars for all Legal Counsel, Contract Managers and Claims Managers (Germany and Austria) at a DAX30 company, including:

  • Key concepts for commercial contracts in English
  • Commonly-used drafting language
  • Drafting and amending English-language contracts
  • Intercultural awareness (UK and US)

Legal English and Business Communication Skills seminar for a team of lawyers and a team of scientists working in regional government, including:

  • Approaches to advising on aspects of European and German environmental legislation and regulations in English
  • Strategies for communicating with environmental agencies and other competent authorities across Europe
  • Writing effective correspondence in an environmental enforcement context

Seminars on Academic Legal Writing and Legal Presentation Skills for the ‘Zentrum für Schlüsselkompetenzen’ at the University of Passau, including:

  • Strategies for effective legal writing
  • Writing a memorandum of advice
  • Delivering effective legal presentations
  • Developing advocacy skills
  • Techniques for effective discussions and negotiations
  • Intercultural awareness (UK and US)

Legal English seminars (Transacting in English: Key Concepts and Skills) for the University of Augsburg’s ‘Zentrum für Weiterbilding und Wissenstransfer – Juristische Weiterbildung,’ including:

  • Negotiation techniques
  • Contract drafting and amendment
  • Advising on German law in English
  • Intercultural awareness (UK and US)

Legal English seminar for a leading bank in Munich: Lending and Security Transactions, including:

  • Concepts relevant to understanding documents drafted on the basis of Loan Market Association (LMA) principles
  • Techniques for negotiating, and drafting amendments to, LMA-type documents

Legal English seminar for the legal department of a leading media company in Munich, including:

  • Concepts of intellectual property and media law
  • Negotiations and discussions in English

Group Legal English, Business Communication Skills and Intercultural Awareness training for a law firm specialising in advice to the German Mittelstand (SMEs) and ranking among the top 10 German consultancies in this area, including:

  • Key vocabulary for employment and corporate law
  • Advising on German law in English
  • Legal correspondence in English
  • Strategies for understanding contracts and other complex legal documents in English
  • Pitching to clients
  • Intercultural awareness (UK, Spain and Turkey)

Individual Legal English training for a notarial practice in Munich, including:

  • Concepts of company law, real estate law and lending and securities law relevant to notarial practice in English
  • Advising on German law in English
  • Legal correspondence in English
  • Drafting skills for amending contracts in English
  • English pronunciation and fluency for notarisation

Individual Business Communication Skills training for the Editor-in-Chief (Foreign Fiction) of a leading European publisher, including:

  • Key vocabulary for the publishing world
  • Writing effective e-mails in English
  • Writing English reports on new fiction
  • Proofreading
  • Presentation skills coaching – preparing and delivering an English presentation at an international conference

Individual Business Communication Skills training for the Style Director of a high-end online furniture retailer, including:

  • Key vocabulary for online publishing and interior design
  • Writing effective e-mails in English
  • Liaising with colleagues and buyers in English on matters relating to design and visual composition

English proofreading of an academic article on French and German constitutional law

English career coaching and proofreading of English job applications for lawyers:
  • Effective covering letters and CVs in English
  • Techniques for English interviews
  • Intercultural competence

Carla Monteiro-Reuter taught the following courses as part of the ‘FFA’ / ‘English für Juristen’ programme at the University of Ausgburg:

  • Basic Legal English
  • Introduction to Anglo-American Law I and II
  • Grammar for Written English
  • Discussion and Argument in Legal Contexts
  • Analysis of Selected Cases
  • Writing in Legal Contexts
  • The Trial: Analysis and Simulation