TRANSACTRAINING is based in Munich. We specialise in professional Legal English, Business Communication Skills and Intercultural Awareness seminars and other training for lawyers and tax advisers.

Our current projects include Legal Writing seminars for all Legal Counsel, Contract Managers and Claims Managers (Germany and Austria) at a DAX30 company, Legal Presentation Skills and Legal Writing Skills seminars for the ‘Zentrum für Schüsselkompetenzen’ at the University of Passau, and Legal English seminars for the ‘Zentrum für Weiterbildung und Wissenstransfer – Juristische Weiterbildung’ at the University of Augsburg.

TRANSACTRAINING is also a registered TOLES Training and Testing Centre. Twice a year, we train candidates for, and administer, the internationally-recognised Legal English certificate exam, TOLES (the Test of Legal English Skills).


Successful lawyers working in English have 3 characteristics:

Excellent communication skills

Accuracy of legal expression and style

A flair for dealing with people from diverse cultural backgrounds

Do you?

Our solution


  1. Every training programme is prepared in consultation with you to address your own unique challenges.
  2. All training tasks are individually designed (against the background of our own practical legal experience) to replicate the key transactions and interactions that you are involved in on a daily basis.


We deliver our training at the times and places, and in the ways, that best suit you. This includes the facility of a virtual classroom.


We charge per 45-minute training unit based on an assessment of your training needs. This includes:

  1. A free consultation to discuss your requirements.
  2. An initial 90-minute training session. We will not charge you for this if you are not fully satisfied with the training and decide not to continue after the first session.
  3. A tailor-made training programme.
  4. All training resources designed specifically to tie in with the work you do and based on actual legal and/or tax materials (either provided by us or by you on a confidential basis)
  5. All assessments and line-by-line written feedback on homework tasks.
  6. Input regarding any work-related issues that may arise during the course of your training (for example, problems drafting client e-mails).
  7. An individual language and pronunciation booklet to cover the problem areas which are unique to you and which emerge during your training.
  8. A TRANSACTRAINING certificate.


We act as a point of reference for our clients on all matters relating to Legal English, Business Communication Skills and Intercultural Awareness by providing useful resources, information and support.